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Czech Casino and Card Room Gaming

Casino gambling revolves primarily around slot machines, with approximately 300 slot halls in Prague alone.

There are over 50,000 machines in the country, a number that has been rising by 1,000 annually since the late 1990s, according to the Ministry of Finance.

To obtain a casino operating license, a CZK 20 million deposit is required as well as CZK 30 million worth of share capital in a joint stock company. A license allows the operator to open an unlimited number of locations.

A slot machine operator must have a minimum of CZK 2 million in a bank account set up for payment of prizes. The license allows the company to operate any number of machines and the tax rate is based on revenue.

In 2007, new government measures were introduced that allowed only companies with capital of at least CZK 100 million to operate VLTs, and the number per establishment, outside of casinos, was capped at four.

In November 2007, the Prague 1 Council resolved to ban slot machines in the city center. Their decision was overruled by the government, citing the fact that machines were regulated only on the national level.

The new proposed Czech Lottery Act, expected to take effect in 2016, will only allow new gaming halls to be opened in cities with more than 5,000 inhabitants and casinos to be opened in cities with more than 40,000 people.

Czech Casino and Card Room Gaming Properties

American Chance Casino - Ceska Kubice
American Chance Casino - Route 55
American Chance Casino - Route 59
Banco Casino
Card Casino Prague
Carlsbad Plaza Casino
Casino 777 Brno
Casino Admiral Aš
Casino Admiral Blaues
Casino Admiral Bohemia
Casino Admiral Breclav
Casino Admiral Brno
Casino Admiral Chlumec nad Cidlinou
Casino Admiral Colosseum
Casino Admiral Dolní Dvořiště
Casino Admiral Eldorado
Casino Admiral Excalibur
Casino Admiral Excalibur City
Casino Admiral Folmava
Casino Admiral Freeport
Casino Admiral Hevlín / Laa
Casino Admiral Hodonín
Casino Admiral Holubice
Casino Admiral Hotel Alžbětín
Casino Admiral Hotel Ceske Velenice
Casino Admiral Hradec Králové
Casino Admiral Jaroměř
Casino Admiral Jindřichův Hradec
Casino Admiral Jiraskovo
Casino Admiral Kleopatra
Casino Admiral Kosmonosy
Casino Admiral Kotlarska
Casino Admiral Kotva
Casino Admiral Le Grand
Casino Admiral Liberec
Casino Admiral Mikulov
Casino Admiral Millennium
Casino Admiral Náchod
Casino Admiral Národní
Casino Admiral Neptun Folmava
Casino Admiral Oblekovice Znojmo
Casino Admiral Ostrava
Casino Admiral Plzeň
Casino Admiral Pomezí
Casino Admiral Příbram
Casino Admiral Ra Folmava
Casino Admiral Royal
Casino Admiral Spielhalle Hevlín
Casino Admiral Spielhalle Horní Folmava
Casino Admiral Spielhalle Mikulov
Casino Admiral Spielhalle Vyškov
Casino Admiral Spielhalle Ž. Ruda
Casino Admiral Stará Celnice
Casino Admiral Strážný
Casino Admiral Tábor
Casino Admiral Tivoli
Casino Admiral TOP Games Luziny
Casino Admiral TOP Games Smichov
Casino Admiral TOP Hotel
Casino Admiral U Nováku
Casino Admiral Victorian
Casino Admiral Vyškov Dedice
Casino Admiral Ž. Ruda
Casino Admiral Zlatá Stezka
Casino Admiral Zlín
Casino Ambassador
Casino Arbes
Casino Atrium - Vinohradska
Casino Atrium Hilton
Casino Bonver
Casino Bonver - Teplice
Casino Bonver - Uherský Brod
Casino Bonver - Žatec
Casino Bonver Borovy
Casino Bonver Bruntál
Casino Bonver Černotín
Casino Bonver Česká Lípa
Casino Bonver Chrastava
Casino Bonver Čížov
Casino Bonver Dolní Dvořiště
Casino Bonver Harrachov
Casino Bonver Havlíckuv Brod
Casino Bonver Holešov
Casino Bonver Horní Suchá
Casino Bonver Hrádek nad Nisou
Casino Bonver Humpolec
Casino Bonver Jiríkovice
Casino Bonver Karviná
Casino Bonver Karviná - Einsteinova
Casino Bonver Karviná - Fryštátská
Casino Bonver Kladno
Casino Bonver Koprivnice
Casino Bonver Koprivnice - Štefánikova
Casino Bonver Kostice
Casino Bonver Litovel
Casino Bonver Loket
Casino Bonver Luhačovice
Casino Bonver Mladá Boleslav
Casino Bonver Modrice
Casino Bonver Most
Casino Bonver Napajedla
Casino Bonver Napajedla - Palackého
Casino Bonver Nový Jicín
Casino Bonver Nýrsko
Casino Bonver Nýrsko - U banky
Casino Bonver Opava
Casino Bonver Opava - Hlavní
Casino Bonver Opava - U Jaktařské brány
Casino Bonver Orlová
Casino Bonver Ostrava
Casino Bonver Ostrava - Nádražní
Casino Bonver Ostrava - Žižkovská
Casino Bonver Planá
Casino Bonver Plzen - Štefánikovo námestí
Casino Bonver Plzen - Kotkova
Casino Bonver Plzen - Mikulášská
Casino Bonver Plzeň - Na Úhoru
Casino Bonver Plzen - Plaská
Casino Bonver Praha
Casino Bonver Praha - Plukovníka Mráze
Casino Bonver Prerov
Casino Bonver Přerov - Milady Horákové
Casino Bonver Prostejov
Casino Bonver Prostejov - E.Husserla
Casino Bonver Sviadnov
Casino Bonver Teplice - Školní
Casino Bonver Třebíč
Casino Bonver Uničov
Casino Bonver Valašské Mezirící
Casino Bonver Valašské Mezirící - Mostní
Casino Bonver Valašské Mezirící - Zašovská
Casino Bonver Varnsdorf
Casino Bonver Varnsdorf - Národní
Casino Bonver Veselí nad Moravou
Casino Bonver Zlín
Casino Bonver Zlín - Kvítková
Casino Bonver Znojmo
Casino Bonver Zubrí
Casino Brno - Hotel Central
Casino Cernigov
Casino Ceske Budejovice
Casino Elektra
Casino Grand
Casino Happy Day
Casino Imperial
Casino Kartac Ostrava
Casino Kruh
Casino Lifestyle Hotel Prague
Casino Magic Planet Prosek
Casino Magic Planet Vsetin
Casino Opava
Casino Opera
Casino Praha
Casino Slovan
Casino Střelnice
Casino Venezia
Concord Card Casino - Prague
Grand Casino
Henry Casino - Hotel Jalta
Herna 88
Herna Bingo
Herna Bowling
Herna Černý Kůň
Herna Cristal
Herna Domino
Herna Flamingo
Herna Gambie
Herna Homolka
Herna Honkong I
Herna Honkong II
Herna Hostomice
Herna InFiniti
Herna Jedovatá Pavouk
Herna Joker
Herna Kafíčko
Herna Kalypso
Herna Koruna
Herna Kuřim
Herna Labín
Herna Las Vegas
Herna Magic Planet Louny
Herna Magic Red - Jambáč
Herna Mango Lysá nad Labem
Herna Mango Milovice
Herna Monaco
Herna Motopreso
Herna Na Růžku
Herna Orange Club
Herna Orlice
Herna Papoušek
Herna Pleasure Pub
Herna Queens
Herna Reno
Herna Starwin
Herna Stopka - Javorník
Herna Stopka - Vysoká
Herna Stopka - Zlaté Hory
Herna Synot Tip Bernard
Herna Synot Tip Bounty
Herna Synot Tip Damis
Herna Synot Tip Fly Tip
Herna Synot Tip Happy Day 999
Herna Synot Tip Mosty U Jablůnkova
Herna Synot Tip Na Kovárně
Herna Synot Tip Panorama
Herna Synot Tip Roland Garros
Herna Synot Tip Roxy I
Herna Synot Tip Roxy II
Herna Synot Tip Stylle
Herna Synot Tip U Labe
Herna Synot Tip Xl Maják
Herna TipSport Unhošť
Herna U Čermáků
Herna u Pepy
Herna Základna u Pata
Imperial Casino Roma
Imperial Casino Strážný
Imperial Casino Zinnwald
INGO Casino Bellevue Marienbad
INGO Casino Franzensbad
INGO Casino Zlín
Kasino Jindřichův Hradec
Kasino Magic Planet Chodov
Kasino Magic Planet Grandior
Kasino Magic Planet Mělník
Kasino Magic Planet Příbram
Kasino Magic Planet Vestec
Kasino Přísečná
Kasino Royal - Pershing
Kasino Teplice
King's Casino
Magic Planet Beroun
Magic Planet Zabreh
Magic Planet Zlín
Merkur Casino - Bondy Centrum
Merkur Casino - Cerny Most
Merkur Casino - Ceske Mladeze
Merkur Casino - Ceskoslevenske Armady
Merkur Casino - Horni
Merkur Casino - Hostivař
Merkur Casino - Hradec Králové
Merkur Casino - Kladno
Merkur Casino - KRC
Merkur Casino - Liberec
Merkur Casino - Milady Horakove
Merkur Casino - Mladá Boleslav
Merkur Casino - Most
Merkur Casino - Novodvorska Plaza
Merkur Casino - Olomouc
Merkur Casino - Ostrava
Merkur Casino - Pankraci
Merkur Casino - Pardubice
Merkur Casino - Podebradova
Merkur Casino - Teplice
Merkur Casino - Tyrsova
Merkur Casino - Zahradni Mesto
Merkur Casino - Žižkov
Palace Casino
Pupp Casino Club & Grandhotel Pupp
Spearmint Rhino Gentlemen's Club and Casino
Synot Tip Casino Bojkovice
Synot Tip Casino C40
Synot Tip Casino Ceská Lípa
Synot Tip Casino Chlumec Nad Cidlinou
Synot Tip Casino Chocen
Synot Tip Casino Chrudim
Synot Tip Casino Hodonín
Synot Tip Casino Jablonec Nad Nisou Budovatelů
Synot Tip Casino Jablonec Nad Nisou Palackého
Synot Tip Casino Kostice
Synot Tip Casino Kvítková
Synot Tip Casino Napajedla
Synot Tip Casino Olomouc
Synot Tip Casino Opava
Synot Tip Casino Pardubice Globus
Synot Tip Casino Pardubice Polabiny
Synot Tip Casino Praha Drahobejlova
Synot Tip Casino Reno
Synot Tip Casino Rožnov Pod Radhoštěm
Synot Tip Casino Štetí
Synot Tip Casino Uherský Brod
Synot Tip Casino Veselí Nad Moravou
Synot Tip Casino Zlín
Synot Tip Club Mimoň
Synot Tip Club Pardubice Dašická
Synot Tip Club Staré Mesto
Synot Tip Ivančice
Vegas Casino Prague
Viva! Casino at Prague Marriott Hotel
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